Gear Cleaning – Proof of Performance

Petrokleen 140 and Pensolv L945 Open Gear Cleaning Procedure





Copper Mining

Open Gear Set

SAG Mill

Petron Petrokleen 140®

Gear Cleaning Proof of Performance

A large North American Copper Mine wanted to clean their open gear set of spent
lubricant and contamination.

Gear Cleaning Proof of Performance

Open Gear Cleaning Procedure

  1. Gear Shield drum was replaced with Petrokleen 140 drum on auto lube system (Gear Shield was discontinued during the cleaning process).

  2. Petrokleen 140 was applied through auto lube system for 36 hours / First 24 hours at a cycle time of 5 minutes / Last 12 hours at a cycle time of 3 minutes.

  3. Following Petrokleen application, Pensolv L945 was hand applied to gear teeth and wiped off with rags.

Gear Cleaning

Before Petrokleen Application 36 hours

gear cleaning

After Petrokleen and Penslov L945

gear cleaning

Benefits of Petrokleen 140 cleaning process:

  1. Petrokleen 140 applied through auto lube system while mill is running and under load.

  2. High levels of EP additives protect gearing during cleaning process.

  3. Cleans auto lube system during gear cleaning process, including lube lines, injectors, and spray heads.

  4. No loss of production during cleaning process.

  5. High flash point > 300°

  6. User friendly / no irritating odor.

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