Industrial Gearbox Cleaner – Pensolv L945

High Performance Industrial Gearbox Cleaner

Performance Products Tech (FZE) Industrial Gearbox Cleaner Pensolv L945 is a high-performance gearbox cleaner, which is a solvent blend that is formulated to have a closed cup flash point above 140oF, but provides the same excellent cleaning performance as a solvent with a much lower flash point. The pleasant odor and low vapor pressure of Pensolv L945 make it an ideal plant-wide cleaning solvent for gearboxes.

Pensolv L945 will quickly clean oils, greases, many adhesives, flux and fingerprints from gearbox body, gear, and other parts of gearboxes.

gearbox cleaner

Features & Benefits of Pensolv - Industrial Gearbox Cleaner

  • Superior cleaning compared to mineral spirits

  • Safer for user than most solvent cleaners

  • Pleasant odor

  • Safe on all metals

  • Low vapor pressure

  • Free of chlorinates

  • Environmentally improved

  • Fast cleaning to improve productivity

  • User friendly compared to kerosene and mineral spirits.

High Performance gearbox Cleaner

Product Application - High Performance Gearbox Cleaner

Use Petron Pensolv L945 full-strength high performance Gearbox cleaner for industrial; cement, mining, steel plant, and other gearboxes. It is recommended for application by non-atomizing coarse spray although other application methods may be used, including brushing it on or dipping parts into the solvent. After application and a brief soaking period, blow surfaces dry with compressed air. No water rinse is needed with the use of Pensolv.

Notes: Use full strength; do not dilute with water. Safe for use on all metals. May be used on some plastics. This product may craze or soften certain plastics and may affect certain paints. Pretest on the part to be cleaned before use. If this product is used to clean electrical equipment such as motors, junction boxes, contacts, etc., all sources of electricity must be disconnected before cleaning using Petron Pensolv L945, Industrial gearbox cleaner.

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PENSOLV L945 – High-Performance Solvent Cleaner for Industrial Gearbox Cleaner & general purpose cleaner


Clear liquid


Mild hydrocarbon


Not applicable

Freezing Point

About -34oF

Boiling Point

Initial 315oF

Flash Point (TCC)


Relative Density


Auto-Ignition Temperature

Not determined

Water Solubility



Less than 5 CP at room temperature

EP Softening Lubricant Type Products for Industrial Gearbox Cleaner

Petro Kleen

Softening agent for open gear lubricants designed to soften and clean contaminant build up in gear tooth roots, best cleaner for Industrial gearboxes.


Petron Pensolve is high-performance cleaner, ideal for plant-wide cleaning solvent for gearboxes cleaning that will quickly clean oils, greases, and open gear lubricants.

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