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The gear surface improvement lubricant – Gear Run in 391 is a running in product blended with oil and chemical additives designed to remove minor damage, surface finish asperities and improve the contact pattern on gear and pinion drives.

Product Application - Gear Surface Improvement Lubricant

Application is via hand held spray equipment directed into gear mesh at frequent intervals.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily applied.

  • Anti-wear and EP additives provide excellent protection during application.

  • No build-up in gear tooth roots.

  • Drains freely from gear guards.

  • No cleaning of the gearing necessary as it slowly dissipates after use.

Notes: Petron Gear Run In 391 should be used under supervision of experienced personnel.

GEAR RUN IN 391 - Gear Surface Improvement Lubricant


Test Method

Typical Data



Clear Brown Liquid

Viscosity, cSt @ 40oC






Flash Point, oC



The main purpose of gear lubrication is to reduce friction, improve efficiency, reduce wear and contact fatigue of interacting tooth surfaces, and improve durability. Since the 19th century, gear tribology has solved the problem of lubrication performance. Subsequently, many engineers and researchers have continuously improved gear lubrication methods and conditions, and established a basic fluid lubrication theory for two rotating cylinders in contact, which considers sliding effect.

Over the years, gear lubrication has been continuously improved, and the research results have formed practical rules.

In theory, just like micropitting, wear and scratch damage can be eliminated through effective lubrication. This is the formation of an oil film whose thickness exceeds the combined height of the tooth surface roughness in the contact area. As reported by the researchers, the experiment investigated the relationship between the severity of lubricant starvation and sliding speed during sliding.

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EP Type Products

Gear Run-In

Open gear lubricating oil blended with chemical additives designed to remove asperities on open gear tooth surfaces.

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