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Gearbox Cleaner – Petro Kleen 140

Performance Products Tech offers Petro Kleen 140 is a viscous, petroleum-based open-gear and gearbox cleaner product, designed to clean open gearing of lubricant and contamination. Petro Kleen 140 contains high levels of EP additives to protect the gearing during the cleaning process. Petro Kleen 140 is designed to be applied through the automatic lubrication system in place of the open gear lubricant while the gearing is running and under load, greatly reducing downtime.

Apply Petro Kleen 140 at 3-5 minute intervals for 24-48 hours, depending on the desired cleanliness to be achieved. If total elimination of lubricant is required, pressure washing and final hand cleaning must be done while the mill is shut down. Petro Kleen 140 can also be applied using a separate handheld spray system if you want to remove contamination.

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Industrial Gearbox Cleaner – Pensolv L945

Pensolv L945 is a high-performance solvent blend industrial gearbox cleaner that is formulated to have a closed cup flash point above 140oF, but provides the same excellent cleaning performance as a solvent with a much lower flash point. The pleasant odor and low vapor pressure of Pensolv L945 make it an ideal plant-wide cleaning solvent.

Pensolv L945 the best & high-performance gearbox cleaner will quickly clean oils, greases, many adhesives, flux, and fingerprints.

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Petron Pensolv L945 Industrial Gear Box Cleaner

Gear Surface Improvement Lubricant - Gearbox Flushing Oil

The gear surface improvement lubricant – Gear Run in 391 is a running in product blended with oil and chemical additives designed to remove minor damage, surface finish asperities and improve the contact pattern on gear and pinion drives.

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