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Tire Slide Kiln Lubricant - For Kiln Tires & Trunnion Rollers

The amount and frequency of application of Tire Slide Kiln Lubricant for the Kiln tire slide & trunnion rollers should be determined by the age, condition, and alignment of the Kiln. Since this is a pigmented product, it is essential to keep the graphite particles in suspension if a uniform application is to be achieved. Petron Tire slide lubricant will undergo only a “soft” setting which can easily be brought into suspension with slight stirring or agitation. This can be accomplished with the use of an air lance or mechanical agitator.

Note: If switching from a petroleum-based lubricant to a Petron Tire slide kiln lubricant, any automatic lubrication equipment should be cleaned thoroughly since the product formulations may not be chemically compatible.

Kiln Trunnion Rollers & Kiln Tire Lubricant - Graphite Lubricant

The  trunnion wheels or Trunnion rollers, thereby kiln load is transferred to foundations.  The tires are installed on kiln body and tires are supported on to trunnion rollers. Proper supporting the kiln tires are very important component of any rotary cement plant kiln, providing foundation and support to the kiln unit and helping to facilitate smooth rotation of cement kiln. 

Maintenance team need to make sure that kiln trunnion rollers are properly maintained and lubricated to avoid unnecessary operational stoppages and equipment maintenance costs. To reduce the friction and wear of kiln tire and trunnion rollers, kiln tire lubricant is used.  Performance Products Tech (FZE) offers one of the best tire lubricant for kiln tire and trunnion rollers.   

Kiln supporting trunnion roller assemblies are generally reliable and requires low maintenance provided proper kiln tire lubricant is provided. However, dependent on the plant-specific operating conditions, the kiln rollers can experience issues sometimes. The most common issues operators run into are summarized here.

Cement kiln tire – best kiln tire lubricant for trunnion rollers and kiln tire

Kiln-supporting trunnion roller assemblies are generally reliable and require low maintenance. However, dependent on the plant-specific operating conditions, the kiln rollers can experience issues sometimes. The common issues cement or other industry runs may face are summarized below:

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By far the most common issue rotary drum operators run into with trunnion rollers is a worn or damaged face. When the face of a trunnion wheel becomes worn or sustains damage, though superficial, the change in base conditions exacerbates any existing misalignment of the drum and promotes added stress on all components. Make sure to use proper kiln tire lubricant to minimize the wear and tear of kiln tires and trunnion rollers.


Another common issue experienced with trunnion rollers is an inadequate diameter. When this occurs, the cement kiln drum becomes misaligned, and the slope of the kiln drum changes. This then changes the retention time of materials being processed, which can result in off-spec product. This also implies use of proper kiln tire lubricant, in addition to other preventive maintenance related measures.


Proper lubrication of components is very important for the health and continued operation of the cement kiln and other kilns. It is important to check the lubrication of cement plant equipment on regular basis to ensure the lubrication system(s) are working properly and in addition ensure the correct lubricant is used for each kiln part.

In cement plants and other industries where the rotary kiln is used, rotary kiln lubrication can face both conditions of excessive lubrication or little lubrication, which can result in some issues:

  • Deficiency of lubrication on a kiln’s critical parts (such as carrying rollers, bull gear, and pinion sets) can cause severe damage to a rotary kiln within a short time.
  • Excessive lubrication on some parts of cement kiln can result in situations e.g.: excessive lubricants may accumulate on kiln shells, guards, and housings and may pose a fire hazard and can also damage foundations concrete.

The use of proper kiln tire lubricant for kiln tires is very important. Performance Products Tech (FZE) offers one of the best lubricants for kiln tire and trunnion rollers lubrication.

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Directions for using Slide Lubricant :

  1.  Thoroughly stir or agitate before and during lubrication. The use of a bypass pump or an air lance placed in the drum is recommended. Fill a small portable sprayer to lubricate the support roller, carrying tire and guide blocks on the kiln.

  2. Keep the drum and portable spraying containers covered tightly when not in use.

IMPORTANT: Before using Tire Slide HTG lubricant, always be sure to read and follow precautions and directions for use appearing on the product container label.

Typical Properties

Solid Contents


Particle Size

15 Micron


Thin Liquid


H2O (Water)

Flash Point


Petron Tire Slide Kiln Lubricant

Tire ®

Tire slide kiln lubricant is a pigmented product for kiln tires and trunnion rollers. This is a spray type of water, graphite-based.

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