Aerosol Open Gear Lube

Aerosol Open Gear Lube - Open Gear Lube Spray

Performance Products Tech (FZE) NC Aerosol open gear lube spray aerosol is a CFC-free, heavy-duty lubricant that forms a tenacious lubricating film. Gear Shield® NC Aerosol is a high-viscosity base fluid combined with E.P. and oxidation-resistant additives further enhancing this protection. The aerosol packing makes it ideal for lubricating gears, chains, wire ropes, and sprockets in a variety of medium to heavy-duty industrial applications. The Gear Shield® NC Aerosol is very convenient for re-lubricating gear teeth after inspection.

Features & Benefits of Aerosol Open Gear Lube

  • High Viscosity Fluid designed to lubricate heavily loaded open gears.

  • Anti-wear and extreme pressure additives provide unparalleled protection.

  • No build-up in gear tooth roots.

  • Doesn’t contain chlorinated solvents or lead.

Product Application Open Gear and Wire Rope Lubricant

Gear Shield® NC Aerosol may be applied by spraying directly onto gearing after inspection.

If you need a small amount of lubrication in a specific area, or just want to give your operators more flexibility to deal with lubrication issues, lubrication engineers can provide several excellent industrial lubricants in easy-to-use convenient aerosol cans. These are the same formulas used in our non-spray form. LE’s aerosol lubricant series includes a variety of options to meet the needs of almost any industrial or residential lubricant application

Notes. for Wire Rope Lubricant Spray. - Open Gear Spray

Gear Shield® NC Aerosol is Petron’s Gear Shield® NC packaged in an aerosol cans making a coinvent package for lubricating after inspections. Petron’s Gear Shield® NC exceeds OEM and AGMA base oil viscosity requirements for open gear lubricants. Please visit to read more about open gear lube aerosol.

open gear lube spray

Gear Shield® NC Aerosol



Typical Data







Viscosity, cSt@40°C



4 Ball Weld Load

ASTM D2596




Pass 12

*All Tests are performed before propellants are added.

Mills & Kilns

Gear Shield®
NC Aerosol

High viscosity residual open gear lubricant packaged in aerosol spray can.

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