Petron Moly (Lithium Complex) Grease HV EP2

Moly Grease EP 2 - HV EP 2 Moly Lithium Complex Grease

Moly Grease (Lithium Complex) Grease Petron HV Moly Grease EP 2 is designed for use in applications where Moly grease is recommended by an OEM or is preferred when additional protection is needed.

Performance Products Tech (FZE) offers Petron HV EP 2 Moly Lithium Complex Grease (Moly Grease EP 2) is designed to extend bearing service life in heavy-duty applications where loads are high, RPM is moderate, and elevated operating temperatures may be a factor.

Moly Grease EP 2 is designed for industries where bearings are subject to contamination from dirt or manufacturing residue such as wood chips, slag, grinding dust, or airborne contaminants. Typical industrial users of EP 2 Grease are: steel, mining, cement, power generation, forest products, paper, and agriculture. Typical uses are heavy-duty applications and construction equipment.

Features & Benefits of Moly EP Lithium Grease - Moly ep2 Grease

  • Performance Products Tech (FZE), Petron moly grease ep 2 provides exceptional film strength provided through Lithium Complex thickener.

  • Dropping point in excess of 500F to perform at extended elevated operating temperatures.

  • Four-Ball EP Weld Load in excess of 400 kg to withstand continual heavy loads.

  • Addition of Moly and EP additives to reduce metal-to-metal contact under extreme conditions and shock loading.

  • EP2 Grease contains Lithium Complex Thickener with a unique blend of additives that make it suitable for outstanding performance at higher temperatures and better adhesion in wet environments.

  • Meets Caterpillar 1E2254 lubricating grease specification.

  • Superior resistance to rust and corrosion.

  • Petron EP2 Moly Grease (with Lithium Thickener) is Environmentally friendly. 

Moly Grease EP 2​

Moly Grease EP 2 Product Application

Petron EP 2 Moly (Lithium Complex) Grease can be applied through all automatic lubrication equipment or manually through a handheld grease gun. Petron EP 2 Moly Grease is available in pails, kegs, drums, and bin tanks.

Notes: Petron HV EP 2 Moly (Lithium Complex) Grease is designed to extend component service life while reducing lubricant consumption in all applications. If in doubt regarding the volume and/or frequency of lubricant to a specific lube point, please contact us.

Petron HV EP 2 Moly Grease


Test Method

Petron HV EP 2 Moly Grease






Lithium Complex

Dropping Point

ASTM D-2265

500 deg. F (260 deg. C)

Penetration, Worked 60 strokes

ASTM D-217

265 – 295

Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40oC

ASTM D-445

327 – 350

Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 100oC

ASTM D-445

22 – 24.5

Flash Point


450 deg. F

Water Wash-out

ASTM D-1264

5% Maximum Loss

Rust Test

ASTM D-1743


Timken OK Load, kg

ASTM D-2509

55 Minimum

Four Ball EP Test, weld point, kg

ASTM D-2596

400 Minimum

Four Ball Wear Scar Diameter

ASTM D-2266

0.4 – 0.6 mm

Copper Strip Corrosion

ASTM D-4048

1b Maximum

IMPORTANT: Before using Petron MV EP 2 Lithium Moly Grease, always be sure to read and follow precautions and directions appearing on product container.

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