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Petron Open Gear Lube - NCW Product Description

Gear Shield® NCW is Engineered (specialty) open gear lube for cement industry kilns, balls mills open gears lube, is the world leader in lubrication for open gears lube drives on stationary rotating machinery. Gear Shield® NCW cement & mining industry lube is a high viscosity lubricant for open gears, and provides superior separation of gear teeth in the heaviest loaded zone of gear tooth mesh. Gear Shield® NCW is formulated with extreme pressure additives and designed for lower temperature applications in cement, mining, and other open gear lubrication applications.

Gear Shield® NCW is formulated to be readily pumpable for consistent and even lubrication distribution. Gear Shield® NCW is easily drainable. The high viscosity base fluid allows for economically controlled application of the lubricant using an automatic lubrication spray system.

Gear Shield® NCW is the open gear oil of choice for mills and kilns in Mineral processing, Power Generation, Steel, and Cement industries. 

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Features & Benefits - Petron open gear NCW | Open Gear Lube

  • High viscosity fluid designed to lubricate heavily loaded open gears.

  • Highest EHD values of any open gear lubricant.

  • Anti-wear and extreme pressure additives provide unparalleled protection in the most

    heavily loaded zones of gear tooth mesh.

  • Optimum consumption of gear oil, as per AGMA & OEM guidelines.

  • Industry-leading FZG wear test result.

  • No build-up in gear tooth roots and drains freely from gear guards.

  • Pumps freely down to 0ºF/-18ºC. For applications above 32°F (0°C) use Gear Shield® NC, open girth gear grease, which also gives cost saving & other benefits.

  • Environmentally friendly. Does not contain chlorinated solvents or lead and is free of all carcinogens. Passes TCLP Protocol 

Petron Open Gear Lube NCW - Product Application

Gear Shield® NCW can be used in Ball Mills, Sag Mills, Rod Mills, Balling Discs, Kilns, Dryers,
Quenchers, and Mixers for open gears lube.
Gear Shield® NCW open gear lube may be used for open gear lube spray, brushing, or dripping. 
Gear Shield® NCW is designed to be sprayed through all automatic lubrication equipment.
Gear Shield® NCW is available in pails, kegs, drums, bin tanks, and tank trucks.

Notes: Gear Shield® NCW exceeds OEM and AGMA base oil viscosity requirements for open gear lubricants applied by intermittent spray application.

The gear shield NCW is one of the Petron Corp (USA) lubricants for the cement industry open gear oil.

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GEAR SHIELD® NCW - Open Gear Lube Oil

Petron open gear oil, pumps freely down to 0 def. F (-18 deg. C). For applications ambient temperature above 32® deg. C use Gear Shield® NC, above.


Test Method

Typical Data

Oil Color






Base Oil Viscosity, cSt @ 40ºC



Finished Viscosity, cSt @ 40ºC



Specific Gravity

ASTM D1298


Flash Point

ASTM D92 (C.O.C.)

>200ºF (>93ºC)

4 Ball, Weld, kg

ASTM D2596


Load Wear Index

ASTM D2596


4 Ball Wear (scar diam., mm)

ASTM D2266


FZG Load Stages Passed

DIN 51354


FZG Specific Mass Loss (mg/kW.h)

DIN 51354


FZG 30 hr Mass Loss (mg) @ L.S. 10

DIN 51354


Mobility@ 32°F, g/s

US Steel Mobility Test


Ventmeter, 600 psi

Lincoln VE-1

0ºF @ 40 seconds

Rust Prevention



Residual Type Product - For Open Gear Lubrication

Gear Shield®

Gear Shield NCW specialty,  Open girth gear lube oil for cement mills and kilns. High Viscosity Fluid, designed for open gear lube spray uses through all automatic lubrication equipment. May be applied by spraying, brushing, or dripping. For using below ambient temp. 0°C (32°F).

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We provide expert industrial lubrication solutions to industries. Petron with over 45 years of experience will ensure that you’re always getting the best results from an award-winning firm, focused on quality.
Petron Open Gear Lubricants exceed the OEM recommended Lube Film minimum thickness requirements. Petron’s Gear Shield offers Lambda (lubricant film thickness) which exceeds the AGMA recommended standard of four (4) or greater.

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