NLGI#1 NLGI#2 Calcium Sulfonate Grease

Best Calcium Sulfonate Grease

The Industrial Bearing Grease, Petro Plate HD Series consists of NLGI Grades #1 & #2 calcium sulfonate grease in an ISO 220 or ISO 460 base oil.

The Petro Plate HD Series, the best calcium sulfonate grease, designed to outperform conventional products by applying edge, proprietary calcium sulfonate manufacturing technology. The Petro Plate HD Series (NLGI#1 NLGI#2 Calcium Grease) is manufactured and formulated to provide excellent high-temperature performance with superb adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water contamination.

The Petro Plate HD Series NLGI Grade and Grade 2 has a high level of chemical stability and offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion. The Petro Plate HD Series performance features make them ideal choices for severe operating conditions including high temperature, water contamination, high loads, shock loading, and extending the re-lubrication schedule.

Features & Benefits- NLGI Grade 1 & NLGI Grade 2

  • Excellent protection from extreme pressures caused by shock loading.

  • Outstanding resistance to water.

  • Superior high-temperature properties.

  • Extended re-lubrication intervals.

  • Excellent protection from rust and corrosion.

  • NLGI#1 NLGI#2 Calcium Grease both grades are environmentally friendly as it does not contain antimony, barium, chlorine, phosphorus, zinc, or free sulfur one of the reasons for being the best calcium sulfonate grease.

industrial bearing grease

Product Application

The Petro Plate HD Series (NLGI#1 NLGI#2 Calcium Grease) can be used in Bearings, Bushings, Ladle Turrets, Caster Segments, Work Rolls, and Coiler Mandrels.

The Petro Plate HD Series (NLGI#1 NLGI#2 Calcium Grease) can be applied through all automatic lubrication equipment or manually through a handheld grease gun.

Notes: The Petro Plate HD Series is the best calcium sulfonate grease designed to extend component service life while reducing lubricant consumption in all applications. If in doubt regarding the volume and/or frequency of lubricant to a specific lube point.

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