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Product Description - Petro Kleen 140 Open Gear Cleaning - Cement, Mining.

Performance Products Tech (FZE) Petro Kleen 140 high-performance open gears & gearboxes cleaner:  is a viscous, petroleum-based product designed to clean open gearing of lubricant and contamination. Petro Kleen 140 contains high levels of EP additives to protect the gearing during the cleaning process. Petro Kleen 140 is designed to be applied through the automatic open gear lubrication system in place of the open gear lubricant while the gearing is running and under load, greatly reducing downtime.

Apply PetroKleen 140 at 3-5 minute intervals for 24-48 hours, depending on the desired cleanliness to be achieved. If total elimination of lubricant is required from open gears, pressure washing and final hand cleaning must be done while the mill is shut down. Petro-Kleen 140 can also be applied using a separate handheld spray system if you want to remove contamination

Open Gear Cleaning

Features & Benefits of Petro Kleen 140 - Open Gear Cleaning

Petron Kleen 140 is designed for cleaning for Open Gears and is a special high-performance cleaner with excellent lubrication properties.   PetronKleen 140 is specially developed for a dynamic (using an existing lubricant spray system) cleaning of Open Gear systems used in cement, mining, and other industries. For benefits of open gear and gearbox cleaner, please Petro Kleen 140 Proof Of Performance:

  • Contains high levels of EP additives to protect gear while cleaning.

  • Removes lubricant and contamination from the gear face and roots of both pinion and ring gear. Applied under normal operating conditions greatly reducing downtime.

  • Applied through automatic lubrication system, cleaning lubricant lines, injectors, and spray heads while cleaning the gearing.

  • High Flash Point. 

Cement, Mining Open Gears & Gearbox Cleaner - Product Application Guidelines

  • Designed to be applied through the automatic lubrication system in place of the open gear lubricant.

  • Apply at 3-5 minute intervals for 24-48 hours.

  • Confirm Open Gear Lubricant drainage pipe is clear of obstruction and a new drainage container is in place to collect the spent lubricant.

Notes: Petron Petro-Kleen 140 is not an open-gear Lubricant. It is designed for cleaning open gears and must not be used indefinitely. Regular monitoring of the gearing including temperature and visual inspections is necessary while using Petro-Kleen 140.  

Petro Kleen 140 – Open Gear Cleaner – Lubricant Properties



Typical Data



Dark Brown

Viscosity, cSt @ 40oC



Flash Point, oC



Testing listed is typical, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding results obtained from use. Information contained on this Product Data Sheet is subject to change without notification. Before using product name, always be sure to read and follow precautions and directions for use appearing on the product container. Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage.

Open-gear cleaners are designed to clean the teeth and meshing areas of open gears. They remove contaminants such as oil, grease, and dirt that can build up on gears and cause them to operate less efficiently. Petro-Kleen 140 Open Gear Cleaner is a high-performance cleaner that quickly and effectively cleans open gears without damaging them. It is safe to use on all types of gear, including steel, cast iron, bronze, and aluminum.

EP Softening Lubricant Type Products for Open Gears & Gearboxes Cleaning

Petro Kleen

Petro Kleen 140, Softening agent for open gear lubricants designed to soften and clean contaminant build up in gear tooth roots. Is the best open-gear cleaner.


Ideal plant-wide cleaning solvent that will quickly clean oils, greases and open gear lubricants.

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