PPT (FZE) Engineered Open Gear Lubricants for Cement, Mining, Steel, and Wind Industries

Performance Products Tech (FZE) offers Petron Corp (USA) a variety of high-performance engineered (specialty)  industrial lubrication products that are specially designed for the Cement Industry (including girth gear grease), greases, and services worldwide. Petron high-performance Engineered Lubricants products perform very well in the most adverse conditions and demanding environments, offer not only better separation of metal parts but also providing reduced Petron lubricants consumption, and increased operation life of the equipment.

Petron Gear Shield® is the top-selling, best grease for metal gears which is a proven lube trusted to lubricate hundreds of girth gear sets on mills and kilns as chosen by the clients as the best grease for gears throughout the cement industry worldwide, especially for open gear grease spray based applications in cement, mining and other industries. The best-selling Gear Shield® provides industry-leading film thickness (lambda), is approved by all major gear manufacturers (OEMs) for girth Gears.

We at Performance Products Tech (FZE) offer Open Gear Lubricants (for the United Arabs Emirates and some other countries) and supply specialized: extreme pressure & temperature enduring gear grease types lubricants, for open and enclosed gear, which are high temperature tolerating synthetic lubricants, to find more please visit Petron Engineered (Speciality) Lubricants for more details and product data sheets.

Cement Industry Lubricant 

Petron Corp manufactures a variety of high-performance engineered lubricants for cement factories worldwide. Their top-selling Gear Shield® lube, which is a proven.

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Mining Industry Lubricants

Petron also manufactures and offers a variety of high-performance lubricants for the mining industry worldwide. Petron’s top-selling Petrotac OGL series

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Steel Industry

Petron Corp makes and offers high-performance lubricants for steel mills worldwide. Their one of top-selling product Gear Shield® is a performance-proven.

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Petron Corporation (USA), is a global leader and a major supplier of high performance, girth gear grease and open gear lubricants types as below & value added support services to the Cement, mining, steel & the Power industry for 45 years. Petron corporation lubricates more number of Mills/Kilns than anybody else in the world.,

Transforming & Improving Open Gear Lubricants We’re always interested in new opportunities, big or small.

Why Use Our Open Gear Lubricants?

Open Gear Lubricant film thickness (Lambda) exceeds AGMA recommended standard of four (4) or greater. High viscosity Lubricant Film strength is restored on pinion by using Petron open gear grease. While the Petron girth gear grease offers least wear of meshing surfaces and extends gear operating Life.

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Gear Shield Open Gear Lube meets OEM Viscosity requirements, lubricant film rupture eliminated and Film Strength Restored on pinion & girth gear, extended Gear Operating Life by using Petron’s gear grease.

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Petron’s different gear grease types which offer excellent pump ability, lubricant build-up eliminated through Gear Shield, superior drainage capability, elimination of housekeeping issues and flushes air borne contaminants from gears.

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Reduction in Lubricants consumption on daily and yearly basis. Reduced cost of Lubricant. Reduced inventory and lesser warehousing space requirements. Reduced quantity of waste oil. Reduced cost of waste oil disposal. Reduced labor costs.

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Seven (7) benefits of using Petron Corp (USA) - Grease Lubricant for Open Girth Gears – Cement

Lowest Lube consumption value, without compromising AGMA Guideline, increased operating life of gears, reduced production downtime and reduced maintenance costs of equipment. Please visit the Proof of Performance of Petron best grease for gears.

Overview of Petron's offered types of grease lubricant for Open Girth Gears – Cement:

  1.  The GEAR SHIELD® NC – Petron Open Girth Gear Grease Pumps freely down to 32 def. F (0 deg. C). For colder applications, i.e. ambient temperature below 0 deg. C uses Gear Shield® NCW. Petron Gear Shield is the best grease for gears, which offers cost savings and other benefits.
  2.  GEAR SHIELD® NCW – Petron Open Gear Lube – Pumps freely down to 0 deg. F ( -18 deg. C). For colder applications, heating may be required.
  3. GEAR SHIELD® Synthetic – Heavy-duty open gear Grease Petron Open Gear Synthetic  –  Pumps freely down to 0 deg. F (-18 deg. C). For colder applications, heating may be required.
  4. GEAR SHIELD® P – Petron open-gear grease, semi-synthetic – Pumps freely down to 15 deg. F (-9 deg. C).

    Petron GEAR SHIELD® P is semi-synthetic lube oil for kiln girth gear lubrication and other applications.

  5. KILN LUBE – Petron Kiln Girth Gear Lubrication – offers high viscosity synthetic lube designed for use at both lower and elevated temperatures.
  6. GEAR SHIELD NC® Aerosol CFC free, heavy-duty lubricant: Please visit page Gear Shield NC Aerosol.

Key Advantages 


Petron over 45 years of experience in open girth gear lubricants.


We always reply to client queries promptly.


Petron offers advanced technology and R&D based lubricants.

Why Us?

Here’s what how some of our clients have benefited!

Working with Petron Open Gear Lubricants for mining for past many years have been giving cost reduction & reduced maintenance benefits to clients worldwide. It has given them immense satisfaction to grow year on year.

Our various engineered lubricants supplied to cement and mining industry equipment have meet the challenges of meeting performance and cost reduction while increasing equipment operating life, no deposit on gear teeth, etc.

In addition, Petron lubricant for gyratory crusher bushing has also meet and overcome the challenges. Which resulted in cost savings and extended spider bushing life from 30,000 hours to 45,000 hours.

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Petron lubricates 90% of all mill gears in the copper/gold mines of Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico
0 %
Petron lubricates 55% of all cement mills and kilns Open Girth Gears in the USA.
20 %
Petron have 54 mixing and storage kettles with a total capacity of over 500,000 gallons.
20 %
Petron lubricates 55% of all Shovels in the Copper industry of Chile.

Our Expertise are in Open Gear Lubricants

Please send your inquiries to Performance Products Tech (FZE), PPT (FZE), and Sharjah (UAE). Email: contact@performanceproducts.tech